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this week's crap to do...

monday - M16 range/IRF
tuesday - IRF
wendsday - IRF
thursday - IRF
friday - IRF
saturday - IRF
sunday - IRF

IRF = Imediate Reaction Force.

I get riot gear and sleep in the day room for 7 days w/ 6 other people. We stay there and remain bored off our asses untill a riot breaks out. then we put the smack down. The chances of that actually hapening.....none. why do it...because were in korea near a prison. do i care...hell no. am I gonna do it anyways....not if I can help it. am I in a pissy mood now because of fucking bet ya!
work hard

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fuck do i hate thursdays....oh, and I got CQ again tomorrow.

upcoming birth days
redxlipstick Aug 31st
natalielenina Sep 3rd
spookysandra Sep 3rd
cheezmuffn Sep 5th
firewalkwithme Sep 7th
betty_page Sep 10th
nataliemcmuggle Sep 13th
lia_vain Sep 13th
skeltakat Sep 13th
supa Sep 18th

I have a bunch more to say, but it's early and I'm fucking tired.

p.s. Rodriguez is hella one here knows her, but she's so my newest friend.
work hard

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nothing pisses me off more than when I write a big long ass post. Go to help somebody. Come back. And find some retard on my work PC surfing around for some pointless piece of crap. Only to find out. The Fucker. Closed my web browser. And now. My whole fucking post. Is gone.

And to think, I was in such a good mood 5 minutes ago.